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On this website, I blog, write, publish and share. The central theme of this website is to try and spot the trends and developments where potential opportunities exist for us as individuals, business owners, managers, traders, investors and employees. Likewise, we also become aware of potential threats from which we can protect ourselves. I mostly cover topics that include Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Cryptocurrencies, Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Now, also Covid-19 because it is a massive game-changer.

Enjoy your visit. I hope you find something educational, informative, entertaining, insightful, fascinating or helpful. Come back again.

A bit about me if you are interested...

If we have not yet met, I am a mixed bag. I've been in a few circles. Friends say I have the entrepreneurial spirit, having started multiple businesses with varying levels of failure and success.

My interest in business comes from my fascination with how people can use technology to do business. With technology, an individual can overcome disadvantages because it empowers you to do more than what an inefficient team can do. We are always in periods of transition, and there are opportunities out there. We need to learn to look out for them and take action. I believe this so much that I quit my first job after my studies to start my own web design business in Australia to help individuals and businesses start, grow and compete online through web design and web development. Later, the company I started — Oranges and Lime — evolved with the Internet to provide other web services including online marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media networking, etc.

Now, I'm working with a much bigger, international team, in the e-Commerce payment system industry. Hence, if you need help with accepting payments for your business — whether you are a small business or an airline — there's a good chance I can help you. Recently, I've also been curious about Bitcoin (more Bitcoin SV) and Cryptocurrencies. I believe they are the future of payments, money and most things in our lives. I'll be posting a lot about them!

Now and then, when I have to get something off my chest, I write a book. I wrote two so far, which you might have already seen on this website. One is about trading. It was one of the first books on forex trading, but it is still useful if you are thinking of trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The other is about humanity, science, religion, reason and superstition in a world threatened by religious fanaticism and extremism.

For old acquaintances...

In case you haven't noticed, I've been away for a while. Over the past few years, I moved to a different country in a new continent, Europe. I'm learning a new language, meeting new people and doing new or different things. This explains why I haven't updated The Part-Time Currency Trader, ThePartTimeInvestor.Com, The Tyranny of God and Reasonism.Org. I deleted my old website/s, and I'm building this new one integrating new-found interests. I will integrate them here eventually. It's still a little empty but it will eventually get filled and prettified, don't you worry.

Thank you for visiting! I hope there's something here that intrigues you, challenges you or helps you in some way. If you like something, share it in your circles, comment, email or fill out a feedback form to let me know.

— Marquez, June 2020.