Thinking of Paper Trading Cryptocurrencies Publicly

Thinking of Paper Trading Cryptocurrencies Publicly

I track a lot of varied topics because the human mind can be creative if you feed it lots of ideas. On this website, you see posts about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the economy and various other topics that may not seem related at all. But how do they all relate to deciding on what we should invest our time and money on and how we can go about doing this? We cannot know nor understand completely how our minds connect dots, but it does. Today, I decided to share something personal to me — something I have been working on to give you context as to how I use and integrate all these things I post about. 

I have been doing some research on cryptocurrencies for a while now. I think I have figured out an approach to trading it and I am considering whether I should publicly paper trade some of these ideas. I am going to publish when I have a trading signal to buy or sell or stay out of the market. We will do it for some time and see how it goes. If the system performs well, then we will see what the next step is. I do not see anyone else doing this publicly for any tradeable asset or commodity. It is pretty daunting to publish calls in real-time and be called out for them I suppose, especially if you are an economist, a professional trader or investment fund manager. But the purpose is not about to being right or wrong. The purpose is that of learning. I will definitely be learning from this and hopefully you, or someone else, will learn something from this experiment too.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision against the US Dollar is a good candidate because I am following Bitcoin SV's progress anyway. Perhaps I should add Bitcoin (BTC) too because it is what most people relate to. Ethereum (ETH) might be a good candidate too because it is the second-largest in market cap. I would like to test it on more cryptocurrencies. I just have to consider the time it would take out of my days or weeks to analyse them.  

I thought I would have a couple more days to work on this idea but a buy signal came within just 24 hours. Instead of waiting for the next signal, which may be a few days or weeks later, I thought I will start now while I look into the rest afterwards.

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