Do creationists really not believe in evolution, even with a perfect understanding of the theory, or do they simply not understand it, and say they don't "believe" based on ignorance?

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I believe most people don't believe it because they do not understand it. It was true for me and when I continue to listen to those who do not believe it, their line of questioning tells me that they don't know how it works really.

For me personally, I grew up in the Philippines in the 80s and went to a private school run of an Episcopalian Church. They did not touch on evolution in primary /elementary school (grade 1-6). This was in the 80s.

When I moved to Australia, evolution was not taught well enough. I don't remember if it was touched on at all. 

It was only later when I started reading up on it in the books of Richard Dawkins, that I saw how powerful and true the theory is. It was not just evolution, I began reading a lot about Science in general, and it's methods and theories are so much more convincing and intellectually satisfying than the religious explanations of the universe and us. 

I believe that our schools are not doing a good - enough job at teaching Science, and encouraging or fostering the type of mind that approaches the world in a way that works. 

I wrote a book about how evolution works, explaining it and summarising it in a way,  that I hope would help people like myself understand evolution and science a little more. Because when they understand it, evolution included, it would be very hard to believe creationism and the supernatural anymore.

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