How do atheists respond to Pascal's wager? Isn't it safer to believe in God just in case he does exist?

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It's not really clever. Not really. If you were talking to a person from centuries ago, where everyone was pretty much ignorant about the things we know today, he or she was likely to gamble with their lives with that logic. 

Today though, with everything we know, sacrificing 100% of my life, praising and fearing a being, that has no chance of being true, while hurting and discriminating against other people in the process, is a sad, sad waste of a life. 

Instead of waking up to see and understand the universe in which you find yourself, you basically force yourself to believe fairy tales and superstition made by ignorant people hundreds and thousands of years ago. You live in fear that any of it (hell, damnation, devil) is true. You don't need to. If god is true, remember that truth does not hold you hostage with fear just so you can believe it.

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