I made a prank threat on Omegle and someone said they got my ip and is calling the police. What do I do?

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I was pranking to be an isis on omegle and made terrorist threats and the guy said I will be on surveillance by police forces then I shut off my computer. what do I do?
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What should you do? You should stop doing stupid stuff like this. 

When people like you do things like these, it stresses people out unnecessarily and it forces them to get other people to investigate. These people need to be paid for their time,  their resources and their attention. You are therefore taking them away from putting their attention to real emergencies. We, tax payers and citizens pay for all this one way or the other. You are wasting it merely for your own amusement because you think it would be cool or funny, or probably just trying to impress your friends or someone you like. 

Judging from your inexperience and naivete, you are likely to still be a boy or girl. You don't see the bigger picture yet. 

In this case, nothing might happen. But for your sake, stop engaging in stupidities like this before you get into trouble. You know it when you're doing it. So stop. You can do better.

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