I want to start an online website where people can discuss their expert views before a sports event and tip on betting. What are my options to start something like that?


I would recommend you to start visualizing what this website would look like. I am not referring so much to how it would look but rather, the processes of how you want things done. Obviously, the more details you can put on paper, the better. If you have a business plan, the information relevant would be where you outline the technical process by which you are going to make money. 

Once you have that, then start asking for quotes from Web Designers and Web Developers like ourselves, how much it would be to build something like what you have in mind. This gives you an idea of what your idea is likely going to require for you to invest. In your conversations with web professionals, they might ask you things that might be important that you may never have thought of. These are valuable and may extend the whole process of your research. 

These types of websites are great because you can sell the website, if they are unique enough. The website IS the asset. Be warned however, these types of websites would not be your typical start-up site who are selling products or their plumbing services and they just need 'catalogue' websites. I would recommend building a website that requires high customization and control to ensure that you have something unique to offer and to on-sell later. The customisability of functions make it possible for you to build your website as you and your users want it.

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