Is it hard finding a partner for a business?


It depends on the type of business you're into and what you are offering the other prospective partner. They need to be convinced that there is a chance you can succeed. You need to convince them that working with you and your business is going to be worth their time.  

As Web Specialists, we get a lot of propositions from entrepreneurs to partner up with their business. Their proposition is usually  for us to work on their website for no immediate financial payment and help them grow their business. 

What they need to understand when they ask this of us, is they are asking us to invest in their business. As an investor in deciding whether I should commit myself and others to sacrifice our time and resources to another person's project and be committed to it as we are with our own projects,  we would need have a look at the business plan. We need it to assess for ourselves, the potential for success and the chances of us getting back our investment (time and money we contribute). And if there is a likelihood of return, how long will it take? And how much will we get back?

Do you have a different answer that might help the questioner? How would you answer this question?

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