If you gathered up all the fearful thoughts that exist in the mind of the average person, looked at them objectively, and tried to decide just how much good they provided that person, you would see that not some but all fearful thoughts are useless. They do no good. Zero. They interfere with dreams, hopes, desire and progress.

Richard Carlson

Legal Issues and Law in Everyday Life: How do I legally start a business being disabled with Multiple sclerosis and about to be on disability?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 19 Oct 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
As far as I know in Australia, a disabled person can start a business similarly to any able-bodied person. Unless the disability affects someone's mental and reasoning capacity, s/he is free to register  business name, Australian business number, register with the tax office for GST,  etc... And operate a business.  Please note I'm not a lawyer nor an accountant. I just studied business and commercial law years ago so I don't know if there's been any changes. Although i haven't come across legal obstacles relating to a person with disability legally starting a business.
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Are there universal truths?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 25 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Truths should be things that remain true regardless of someone's beliefs,whether they are Muslim, Christian,  Buddhist, Atheist and so on. Otherwise they are not really true. Are there truths like these? Yes there are. Scientific truths because their truthfulness can be verified and proven by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs.
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What do I say to someone (a religious person) who says that Science can never prove anything?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 19 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
People who argue these points are not really interested in proofs because no religion ever proved anything that science has not discovered beforehand. When I say science, I mean the scientific method of observing,  theorising and testing.  So my response to remarks like that is to say, religion has not even provided any proofs for its assertions at all. At least science attempts to prove what it asserts. 
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How does life change after becoming an atheist?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 13 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
For me, being comfortable with being an atheist happened in two stages of learning. The first stage of learning is that stage where I have learnt enough to no longer believe. The second stage was when I learnt enough to be comfortable with no longer believing that there is a god. 
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If for some reason, say a self-inflicted catastrophe, humans were to be wiped out from the surface of the Earth, would any of the remaining "Great Apes" eventually evolve to be close to what we consider now to be human?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 02 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I'm not an evolutionary biologist,  just a science enthusiast. From my readings, it may not necessarily be the case that the remaining Great Apes will evolve exactly into Homo Sapiens. Keep in mind there were other types of Homo species that evolved and are now extinct.  The new species may evolve similar to humans if natural selection pressures in the future are similar to what our ancestors have gone through before. What are the chances of that happening? I don't know. Maybe unlikely. 
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As a military giant, why is the Russian economy not good?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 30 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
To be an economic powerhouse, you need to set up a lot of things as a nation to ensure that you are trustworthy and assure investors that you have institutions and laws that ensure fairness and legal protection and respect for their property. 
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Why do people think government bailouts of banks are bad?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 29 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Generally, I disagree with bail outs because it works against benefits of having a free market and free competition. We got to where we are because people who were in  positions of power and influence allowed or made the conditions which caused these calamities,  to remain in power and influence. They might have done so intentionally with honest motives or for private gain,  or unintentionally through incompetence or stupidity. 
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Is there a demand for paid online writing and editing services? How could one get started?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 27 Aug 15 | Update: 28 Mar 16 | Full View
There are observations I've made that may help you: 1. As important as Content Marketing is, many small business owners  prioritize expenses that can bring them income directly as a result, like Pay Per Click. Content Marketing is not one of those. The idea of SEO, let alone Content Marketing requires time and effort to convey small business owners. 
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What should I do, if I am trying to build a startup I am not passionate about?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Could it be that you merely do not have passion in the products and services that you offer but you do have the passion to build a profitable business? 
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Will we run out of work to do?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 20 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Capitalism needs consumer to buy goods and services. At the same time all companies are trying to reduce labor. Will there not be enough work for all? Farming today needs vastly less people than 100 years ago. Industrial production in most companies can produce vastly more with the same number of staff than 20 years ago. Even service jobs are being replaced, think automated check-out counters or nursing robots. Will we run out of work? And if yes, what will be the consequences?
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I have my product almost ready, but I have no company, no co-founder, and no contacts. How do I proceed from here?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 20 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Do you need to register as a company? Can you NOT register as a Sole Trader in India? That's probably the simplest to start with. I would only start using a company when it is worth more than its trouble.  Once you have that, I would, if I were in your shoes, see if I can legally protect any intellectual property I can have on the product (trademarks, patent, copyright, etc). 
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What services help non-technical founders start a web startup?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 19 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I suppose that depends on what you need done. If you need a website designed and developed then you'll need Web designers and development services.  If your business is selling products and services then you might be okay developing a website made with a collection of pre developed parts cobbled to work together to minimise your cost. You can get a website anywhere from day $2000 to $10000 depending on what you're after. 
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If there is no god and there are no other intelligent species and the human race becomes extinct would that be really sad?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 15 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I am hopeful that humanity will last for a long time to come, but at some point,  if the current physicist analysis is correct, then the universe will continue on expanding with all the planets and stars so far apart, and eventually go cold. Devoid of any source of energy, no life will exist no longer, then yes, it is sad. I feel this in solidarity with you.  But my thoughts don't end there because there's reason to be hopeful. This universe is so large that i cannot fathom no other sentient species out there to appreciate life, now or in the future. 
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How do I found a startup?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Founding a startup? Doesn't that mean just starting your own business? At least in my country, Australia, it does.   The steps you need to take friends largely on the laws that apply to you, which friends on where you are.  The main steps in general would  be: 1. Decide on a legal structure: sole trader, partnership or company.  2. Register your business. Your government ought to be able to provide you with what you need to do depending on your chosen structure. 3. Register a  trading name if that got missed in step 1 or 2.
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The Trading Teacher

Article | Marquez Comelab | 01 Jan 06 | Update: 18 Mar 16 | Full View
Not all traders are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative, who happens to be a successful trader, to learn from. Like most traders, Marquez Comelab, author of book: The Part-Time Currency Trader, did not know anybody who could teach him, in person, how to trade. So he read books and attended seminars. In this article, he shares the lessons he learnt from his very first trading teacher.
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Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

Article | Marquez Comelab | 01 Jan 06 | Update: 18 Mar 16 | Full View
What we can all learn from this article is the idea that we do not have to rely on our employers to be there for us when we desperately need them to pay us our periodic paycheques at the end of our working days. There are alternatives and, while we still can, I believe we owe it to ourselves and our families to have a back-up plan and look at every single opportunity available.
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Why You Must Stay On Course

Article | Marquez Comelab | 31 Dec 05 | Update: 18 Mar 16 | Full View
After speaking with a lot of people who are disappointed trying to make something out of their 'passions', Marquez Comelab says that despite the cycle of frustrations experienced by anyone following through on their dreams, one should stay on course.
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