Question That Contains Assumptions: Why are so many atheists unwilling to accept that science is just as fallible as they feel that the Bible is?

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It seems that every year scientists come out with new research results that contradict previous findings. Not only that, there are so many scientific explanations for some of the world's mysteries that are simply hypotheses with no real verifiable evidence. But people will cling on to these hypotheses, all while discounting the eye witness accounts of the events of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. As much as atheists like to ridicule Christians for basing their belief on faith...aren't they also basing their belief in science on faith?
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It is your misunderstanding of what Science is that is keeping you stuck. Atheists like myself understand that Science is fallible. Scientists themselves understand that Science is fallible. That is why they keep experimenting and experimenting. They're always arguing and disputing previous theories to keep testing that previous studies came up with correct conclusions. So when you see that, that is a sign that there is healthy science going on. In Science, they seek to find truth by what evidence and reason suggests. That is the nature of Science. The result is, that after all that arguing and reasoning, we end up with really good ideas that are close to the truths. So many of our modern life is proof that the Scientific Method works. 

The religious method of finding truth,on the other hand is quite the opposite. They make up stuff. Insist that they are true and kill or silence those who disagree. That is how religions, especially Christianity and Islam grew. 

It is the extremely religious people who insist that their religions and holy books are correct, despite everything else evidence and reason suggests. It is they who refuse to accept that their books and beliefs are fallible.

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