The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on nothing; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing and admits of no conclusion.

Thomas Paine
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How can America's democratic system produced Donald Trump as its President? Is there really no one else more qualified or suited to be the President of the most powerful and most influential nation on Earth? Isn't Democracy supposed to be a system where people elect who they want as their leader? How can this system, a system that is supposed to be a shining example of democracy, produced a man who is surely now one of the, or THE most hated person in America and the world? He is fighting with everybody including the ones who are on duty to support him: the FBI and the CIA.
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Like most people, I had a quiet confidence that Hillary Clinton was going to win the US election. “If Trump is lucky enough, the number of votes he will get might come close but, Hillary will pull through in the end”, I thought. Like those those in the Clinton camp who began their pre-emptive celebrations popping open champagne bottles, I was shocked to find out that Trump had won.  How can Americans vote for a man who makes up facts, blatantly lies and makes up his own statistics without caring to know whether his opinions are in fact based on anything with substance? 
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I think that you can tell that there is no god when you consider the way majority of people die. When a soldier, or a policeman die in their duty, it is easy for us to put their lives and their passing in some grand context. It is easy enough to generate a background story or a theme to create meaning as to how that person lived and how and why he or she had died. But when you look at the news to see how many people die, you get a sense that it is all just random. And many times, people die in the most absurd of circumstances. 
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SIMON COTTEE wrote an article as to why ISIS' propaganda is effective in attracting youths. Our problem is that we haven't countered it with a better narrative, a better story.  After the attacks in Belgium, it is obvious that we are not doing enough in providing a narrative that can give hope to young men who are susceptible to the type of propaganda ISIS has been producing. 
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Humans crave to be in teams, tribes.  They empathise with their groups. They don't with other groups. 
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SBS Australia ran an interesting UK documentary titled, "Frontline Fighting: Battling Isis", describing it as "the inside story of three untrained western volunteers with no family connections to the Middle East who heed the call to take up arms with Kurdish fighters to reclaim Rojava from the Islamic State". 
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Microsoft's Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are Atheists. They also donated billions of their wealth to charity.
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That's right. People who believe in a god or gods are theists. People who are not convinced that a god or gods exist are A-theists. That's is all we share in common. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is also important to point out that we don't believe in the Devil or devils  for the same reason we don't believe in a god or gods. I think that's important because many people who believe in god cannot get their minds around that.
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What makes it up to 100 years? Why not 50 years? Why not 50000 years?
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I am hopeful that humanity will last for a long time to come, but at some point,  if the current physicist analysis is correct, then the universe will continue on expanding with all the planets and stars so far apart, and eventually go cold. Devoid of any source of energy, no life will exist no longer, then yes, it is sad. I feel this in solidarity with you.  But my thoughts don't end there because there's reason to be hopeful. This universe is so large that i cannot fathom no other sentient species out there to appreciate life, now or in the future. 
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I'm not an evolutionary biologist,  just a science enthusiast. From my readings, it may not necessarily be the case that the remaining Great Apes will evolve exactly into Homo Sapiens. Keep in mind there were other types of Homo species that evolved and are now extinct.  The new species may evolve similar to humans if natural selection pressures in the future are similar to what our ancestors have gone through before. What are the chances of that happening? I don't know. Maybe unlikely. 
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I think one of the reasons is that rats have a lot of similarities to us. We shared one of the earliest  mammal ancestor with them. So if we are testing for diseases and cures we test it on them before we test it on us. There might be other reasons. 
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Darwin observed evolution through natural selection. His theories and works were strongly rejected by people who believed in god. Darwin's ideas went against the Bible's accounts of how life happened here on Earth.  The story of evolution as it happened here on Earth is a remarkable, beautiful story. So much more than made - up stories in so-called holy books can ever offer. 
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If there is such a thing where it is said that science says that life only comes from life,  then it would be of some context, like the replication of DNA or the propagation of genes.  But if we are talking about the origins of life, then I don't think that's what our current understanding of Science is saying. 
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It is your misunderstanding of what Science is that is keeping you stuck. Atheists like myself understand that Science is fallible. Scientists themselves understand that Science is fallible. That is why they keep experimenting and experimenting. They're always arguing and disputing previous theories to keep testing that previous studies came up with correct conclusions. So when you see that, that is a sign that there is healthy science going on. In Science, they seek to find truth by what evidence and reason suggests. That is the nature of Science.
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Understanding evolution is poison to religion, because it enlightens people to understanding the world in  a way that is critical of the truthfulness of religious claims. Evolution proves that the Bible, this supposed word of God, is wrong. If evolution is true,  then the Bible proves to be a false or  unreliable source of knowledge from which to base lives on, and therefore, it couldn't be the word of  an all powerful, mighty  being.
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Are you saying that the more people believe in something, the truer it becomes? Do you not see that truth has nothing to do with the number of people who believe in it?  There was a time when most people believed the Earth was flat. Mathematicians were the early ones who figured otherwise through geometry. Now, through astronomy and space travel, we can physically prove it by getting into a rocket and venture outside the atmosphere. 
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If you say you "enjoy the spectacle of annihilating the human race",  I think that makes you (your hypothetical character)  some sort of a  blood thirsty psychopath. A psychologist who have dealt with many psychopaths would probably be most qualified to deal with that type of mind. I don't think the rest of us -  Atheists or believers alike would know how to effectively  reason with a psychopath like that without prior training or experience.  However, this line of questioning seems to lead to something that says perhaps there's an answer in religion. 
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Yes of course. Most conflicts in the world is made worse by people's differences in whether a god exists and what form this god is, as well as what he wants and desires from you, from me and from everyone else. From a more personal viewpoint, would it not make a difference how you live your life, if you believe in an afterlife or if you don't? Of course it does.  As a very basic example, if you believe in a god,  would you not sacrifice hours of your life praying and praising this god?  
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If you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and that he is God, and God created everything then you are a Christian. That's what differentiates Christians from the rest.  The fact that you do not read your Bible would, in my eyes, make you a lazy Christian, but you're still a Christian.