The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on nothing; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing and admits of no conclusion.

Thomas Paine
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"Living a life worth remembering is a path to immortality". I think that was from Bruce Lee. Think of people who lived in the past. We know them because they have done something extra-ordinary, something that propels humanity forward! For me, I think of people like Charles Darwin, Einstein and Galileo, Neil Armstrong... For the rest, their ordinary lives will just mean they are remembered by their children, if they are fortunate enough to have children, and even grand children. Beyond that, most of us will indeed be shortly forgotten.
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Believing that things do have the chance of getting better is probably an initial step to wanting to do anything to improve things in the first place. If you do not believe that there is any hope that things will get better, it can have a demotivating effect.  Why even bother? why even try? why even do anything? why even live... it can be a miserable outcome.
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I believe most people don't believe it because they do not understand it. It was true for me and when I continue to listen to those who do not believe it, their line of questioning tells me that they don't know how it works really. For me personally, I grew up in the Philippines in the 80s and went to a private school run of an Episcopalian Church. They did not touch on evolution in primary /elementary school (grade 1-6). This was in the 80s. When I moved to Australia, evolution was not taught well enough. I don't remember if it was touched on at all. 
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The term 'pinnacle' is problematic. What do you mean by it?  I think this question suggests a misunderstanding of the evolutionary process because it assumes that there is some sort of a design, a thinking process that culminated to us. As though something -  a book - has been written and we are at its final chapter. It is  a question that I  expect coming from a religious perspective. 
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It's not really clever. Not really. If you were talking to a person from centuries ago, where everyone was pretty much ignorant about the things we know today, he or she was likely to gamble with their lives with that logic.  Today though, with everything we know, sacrificing 100% of my life, praising and fearing a being, that has no chance of being true, while hurting and discriminating against other people in the process, is a sad, sad waste of a life. 
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There is not  one evidence you can use to convince deniers. There are many that put together, they back up the theory.  Richard Dawkins had tackled this very question in his book The Greatest Show On Earth. I have summarised my understanding in my book The Tyranny of God: Liberating Ourselves... 
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For me, being comfortable with being an atheist happened in two stages of learning. The first stage of learning is that stage where I have learnt enough to no longer believe. The second stage was when I learnt enough to be comfortable with no longer believing that there is a god. 
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Hospitals ask this because certain religious beliefs require doctors to,  or not to,  consider forms of treatment that go against their beliefs. So yes, I  answer I am Atheist because I want doctors and nurses to consider all possible ways to help me.
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Mmm The term Mother Nature personalises nature, which I don't like to use because it pre-loads nature with consciousness. It is a biased term, and a Christian friend of mine uses it to actually refer to her god.  In this context therefore, there is no mother nature. Just nature or the universe,which are not conscious in the way that we define consciousness.  Because of this, then the universe is indifferent. It is incapable of caring let alone caring for us specifically. 
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Haha! Yes indeed, people will definitely lose their minds trying to accept all that.  We should first be accurate however. Evolutionary theory does not say we came from monkeys and monkeys came from plants. Rather, we shared a common ancestor with monkeys who like us, share a common ancestor with plants.  Monkeys are our cousins. Monkeys and plants are cousins. For us humans, plants are more distant cousins than Monkeys.
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Religious people do this all the time. They love gods they never see. But I think this question is referring to another concept of the word love and i think that is what this boils down to: what is your definition of love?  If I am talking to someone or messaging and developed a feeling for that person even though I haven't seen them and i haven't been with them in person, I would call it attraction or attachment. I would not call it love. 
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The world needs more people like you: people who are seeing the folly and falsities of religions.  However at your age and in your circumstance as you've described, it may be better to not declare that you're an Atheist mainly because it sounds to me like there is a risk of it disadvantaging you severely and worse, have you persecuted for it.
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From your own assessment, it seems to me you're done planning and you're ready to take action. This means that you're  now really just procrastinating from executing your plans. I think people behave how they do because there are psychological enablers that allow them to continue thing what they're doing. If you change the way you frame things in your mind and realise that further "planning" is now merely just "procrastination"  then maybe you can ask why you're  procrastinating, overcome that reason, whatever it may be, and take action sooner rather than later.
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If science proves that believing that we have big diamond buried in our backyards makes us happier,  should I force myself to believe that there is indeed a diamond in my backyard? No!  Believing in things you know to be false just because it makes you feel good or happy is delusional and is a form of mental disorder.
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Truths should be things that remain true regardless of someone's beliefs,whether they are Muslim, Christian,  Buddhist, Atheist and so on. Otherwise they are not really true. Are there truths like these? Yes there are. Scientific truths because their truthfulness can be verified and proven by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs.
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The same thing that happens  when other animals die. Our remains would be no more special than the remains of anything alive today. We would decompose and be reabsorbed by the earth. Parts of us eaten by living bacteria, insects or animals so are then eaten by other living things. Parts of us may remain undisturbed, buried under layers of debris and sediment  until the next geological upheaval brings layers of rocks in which our remains are to emerge to the surface again as fossils, parts of rock, mineral, oil, lava spurting out of a volcano or just plain dirt.
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I haven't read the Koran in its entirety, but I researched it when I was writing the Tyranny of God. I read about how it is structured and the main verses and its claims.  However with regards to this question, it seems to suggest that Atheists should read the Koran first before debating Muslims.  I have 2 responses to this : 1. Why should they when many, if not most, Muslims have not read the Koran themselves. 
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At the start of a Business, when there's only one person doing  everything, I suppose there is not much to distinguish between the two. 
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Definitely. Yes there's plenty of people going over to the middle east every year to look for the ark. It's big business over there catering for tourists who literally  believe the Noah's story really happened.
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It is your misunderstanding of what Science is that is keeping you stuck. Atheists like myself understand that Science is fallible. Scientists themselves understand that Science is fallible. That is why they keep experimenting and experimenting. They're always arguing and disputing previous theories to keep testing that previous studies came up with correct conclusions. So when you see that, that is a sign that there is healthy science going on. In Science, they seek to find truth by what evidence and reason suggests. That is the nature of Science.