The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic

This collection focusses on reports and updates following the progress of Covid-19 as it spreads around the world: its impact on us biologically, how we react to it, and our fight against it more from a scientific, medical perspective. (Credits go to people like Dr John Campbell, a retired doctor in the UK, who updates on Covid-19 with the most rational, scientific, straight-to-the-point, a-political, educational, informative commentaries out there.) 

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Covid-19, the Near Future and You (Part III)

In this video, we complete our discussion on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, how it is affecting the job market, businesses and industries. What trend has it triggered in how people make their living and we highlight how technology, like the Internet, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can and may help us.

Covid 19, The Near Future and You (Part II)

Times seem bleak as we face the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and retreat to our homes in lockdown. In the past, people had gone through something similar. In this video, I share with you an inspiring story of a town called Eyam and the sacrifice they made to quarantine themselves during an epidemic to stop the spread of the Bubonic Plague spreading across England in 1665 and 1666. We also find out that Isaac Newton used his time in lockdown to do science. After only about a year in isolation, he had written three papers on calculus, solved the mystery of colours and light and came up with his theory of gravity which changed the world.

Covid 19, The Near Future and You - The circumstances we need to prepare for

Summer is over, and winter is coming. Covid-19 cases and deaths are rising at an alarming rate. The UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium and other European nations are tightening their measures to prepare for the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hospital beds are filling up, and governments are straining to support businesses and industries as well as the millions who have been laid off or cannot work. We discuss in more detail the events that are likely to await us: the circumstances for which we ought to prepare.

Death Rates Plummet

Dr. Campbell discusses reports from doctors around the world that the Coronavirus seems to be killing less and less people relative to the number of infected people. 

Possible explanations:

  • Less viral load means Covid-19 is less deadly
  • More young people infected who are better able to survive the disease
  • The stronger strains of SARS-COV-2 has died with their hosts and so their spread is inhibited, while the tamer versions of SARS-COV-2 continue to spread, but are less deadly



International Update, Low morbidity and mortality in Africa

Most parts of Africa seem to be faring a lot better in coping with Covid-19 in terms of number of deaths per capita, except for South Africa. The next step is to find out why and how this is so we can learn from it.

Possible factors to explore:

Air Conditioning suspected to play major role in coronavirus spread

"After cooling systems and air conditioning were linked to a coronavirus outbreak at a German meat-processing plant, many people wonder about how safe air conditioning is. Does air conditioning help spread the coronavirus?" 

This is very important for workplaces or schools since most of us spend the most time there. They need to ensure they have good quality filters and use outside air as much as possible.  

U.S. buys global supply of COVID-19 drug remdesivir

"The U.S. has bought the global supply of Remdesivir, an antiviral drug that has been found to help certain patients recover more quickly from COVID-19."

COVID-19 Antibodies: Why is Everyone Testing Negative? - NEW DATA

According to this, it does not look like we are developing enough anti-bodies to make 'herd immunity' developing against the Coronavirus. This video explores the data. 

A NEW STUDY On Vitamin D

A new study seems to show that Vitamin D is helpful against Covid-19. 

Dr Co working in Manila

Dr John Campbell interviews Dr Co in the Philippines. Very interesting discussions between medical professionals. Discussions about the virus are really different when you take politics out of it. There's lots of enlightening stuff here. What stands out for me is that we may be better off adjusting our expectations and live as though there will not be a vaccine for Covid-19 in twelve months.

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