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Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 06 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
If you're planning to do this as a serious business, then I would advise against trying to do it yourself. Many people who try to do it themselves end up with websites that like a "do-it-yourself" website. Web design and Web development can get very involved if you want to achieve a professional look as well as function properly. Many potential customers and visitors, having used many websites, base their feelings of a business' credibility on your website. 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 06 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
You're asking how to monetise a website. The answer depends on what your website is  and a few more factors.  In general however, you can monetise a website by either: sell a product or service,  create a membership site where people pay to be a member and the other major way is to attract advertisers to advertise with you.  If you don't have advertisers,  Google and Yahoo offer to share their advertisers with you for a share of the profits.  Contact me if you need assistance to set these up.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 02 Sep 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I think one of the reasons is that rats have a lot of similarities to us. We shared one of the earliest  mammal ancestor with them. So if we are testing for diseases and cures we test it on them before we test it on us. There might be other reasons. 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 29 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
My answer on the 29th of August 2015: If you are serious about blogging, do it on Wordpress. I would recommend it running on your own domain name and on a hosting account you control. Reasons: you can customise its features, you have control over it, you're investing in your URL for the long term. My answer today, 13th March 2016:
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 27 Aug 15 | Update: 28 Mar 16 | Full View
There are observations I've made that may help you: 1. As important as Content Marketing is, many small business owners  prioritize expenses that can bring them income directly as a result, like Pay Per Click. Content Marketing is not one of those. The idea of SEO, let alone Content Marketing requires time and effort to convey small business owners. 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 26 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
The first stop really is to go through the employment contract you signed with your previous employer. Is there a clause there pertaining to the type of work you can or cannot do after working with them?  The concept normally is that employers own the result of your work. Plus they would not like it if you start competing with them. Or if you start making money and they want a cut of your profits.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I'll address the technical aspect of your project because I'm guessing you have worked out the business and operational aspects of your website.   If you want to have different types and levels  of users, writers and contributors with varying access,  restrictions and permissions, then Drupal is a good CMS to use for an online magazine website. It also has great tagging and categorising infrastructure.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
You can create a blog purely on HTML (and CSS) with a program like Dreamweaver. However, having assisted individuals and businesses set up their blogs, I would highly advise against doing a blog purely on HTML. You will spend your time putting it together, only to realize very quickly, that it is not a good solution and you need to rebuild it differently. With a HTML blog, as you grow, your work rises exponentially!
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I would recommend you to start visualizing what this website would look like. I am not referring so much to how it would look but rather, the processes of how you want things done. Obviously, the more details you can put on paper, the better. If you have a business plan, the information relevant would be where you outline the technical process by which you are going to make money. 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Since you asked which Web Design SOFTWARE, then I would say Dreamweaver. But I wouldn't rely on Dreamweaver completely unless you're dealing with a brochure website. If you asked, which Script or maybe, which Content Management System, I would say Wordpress.  You might hear some people say, "Wordpress is just a Blogging tool". Not really. That's old news. It started as such but it is now commonly used for websites.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Capitalism needs consumer to buy goods and services. At the same time all companies are trying to reduce labor. Will there not be enough work for all? Farming today needs vastly less people than 100 years ago. Industrial production in most companies can produce vastly more with the same number of staff than 20 years ago. Even service jobs are being replaced, think automated check-out counters or nursing robots. Will we run out of work? And if yes, what will be the consequences?
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 20 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Do you need to register as a company? Can you NOT register as a Sole Trader in India? That's probably the simplest to start with. I would only start using a company when it is worth more than its trouble.  Once you have that, I would, if I were in your shoes, see if I can legally protect any intellectual property I can have on the product (trademarks, patent, copyright, etc). 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 20 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I suppose that depends on what you need done. If you need a website designed and developed then you'll need Web designers and development services.  If your business is selling products and services then you might be okay developing a website made with a collection of pre developed parts cobbled to work together to minimise your cost. You can get a website anywhere from day $2000 to $10000 depending on what you're after. 
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 19 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I heard somewhere that providing services normally provided by governments in developed countries are profitable in areas where governments have become useless and dysfunctional. Providing power / electricity generated from renewable sources may be something to consider. If I find the resource i read/heard about this,  I'll post it here.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 18 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
It really depends on where more of your customers/clients/audience would be. If they're a demographic that uses apps more, then focus on the apps. Otherwise drive traffic to the website. That's my take on it.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 22 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
It really depends on what you are trying to sell and why you are require people to log in. Only do things that are actually necessary. Do not make people have to log in if it's not necessary.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
If you are only planning to use Wordpress for the bank's blogging or publishing functions, then it is doable. However, if you are planning to have it interact with database they use for their customers, payments and transactions, I do not think Wordpress alone is the right tool unless you have the programming skills to completely hack WordPress. If you have that level of programming skills, then you are probably better off coding a custom solution for your client.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Just my 2 cents : I would focus on using open source technologies to provide solutions for clients for various reasons.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 25 Aug 12 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I think that when it comes to ideas like these where the website itself is the core business asset,  you would want to have a unique website. If you wait for others to push developers to create plug and play plug - ins they sell to the masses, you're already too late. By then, so many other people are doing similar websites to yours. 
Article | Marquez Comelab | 31 Dec 05 | Update: 18 Mar 16 | Full View
After speaking with a lot of people who are disappointed trying to make something out of their 'passions', Marquez Comelab says that despite the cycle of frustrations experienced by anyone following through on their dreams, one should stay on course.