Dash Evolution is an attempt to make cryptocurrency accessible to regular people – 'cryptocurrency that your mum could use”. You’ll be able to send currency using a name which looks more like an email address than a computer error.

Kurt Robinson
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 22 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
It really depends on what you are trying to sell and why you are require people to log in. Only do things that are actually necessary. Do not make people have to log in if it's not necessary.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
If you are only planning to use Wordpress for the bank's blogging or publishing functions, then it is doable. However, if you are planning to have it interact with database they use for their customers, payments and transactions, I do not think Wordpress alone is the right tool unless you have the programming skills to completely hack WordPress. If you have that level of programming skills, then you are probably better off coding a custom solution for your client.
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Just my 2 cents : I would focus on using open source technologies to provide solutions for clients for various reasons.
Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 25 Aug 12 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I think that when it comes to ideas like these where the website itself is the core business asset,  you would want to have a unique website. If you wait for others to push developers to create plug and play plug - ins they sell to the masses, you're already too late. By then, so many other people are doing similar websites to yours. 
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After speaking with a lot of people who are disappointed trying to make something out of their 'passions', Marquez Comelab says that despite the cycle of frustrations experienced by anyone following through on their dreams, one should stay on course.