Covid 19, The Near Future and You (Part II)

Covid 19, The Near Future and You (Part II)

Times seem bleak as we face the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and retreat to our homes in lockdown. In the past, people had gone through something similar.

In this video, I share with you an inspiring story of a town called Eyam and the sacrifice they made to quarantine themselves during an epidemic to stop the spread of the Bubonic Plague spreading across England in 1665 and 1666.

We also find out that Isaac Newton used his time in lockdown to do science. After only about a year in isolation, he had written three papers on calculus, solved the mystery of colours and light and came up with his theory of gravity which changed the world.

If you are feeling lost or demotivated while in lockdown, I hope these two stories can help remind you that perhaps, days in lockdown and isolation present opportunities to build, create or learn.

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