Why is the stock market going up?! Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano explains

Why is the stock market going up?! Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano explains

Description on the video: "Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano explains how central bank actions from the Federal Reserve is devaluing the US dollar, while also pumping asset prices up. He goes into detail about what is happening, why Wall Street is confused, and what you can do at home to benefit."


I posted this here because he, an American, shares the concerns that I, an outsider, have of Trump's printing of money, especially after he fired the official who was supposed to oversee how the funds are to be distributed. Trump's government have not been transparent enough. One crucial aspect of printing money is transparency. When the government prints money, it siphons a percentage of the value of everyone's money into their pockets. This is okay if they re-distribute the printed money to where it is needed most. But if they are not disclosing how that money is distributed, then we can presume they are doing something with the money that they — the government — do not want their citizens to know. 

This event — Trump's printing of money — could well be a live example of why people should protect at least a portion of the value of their wealth by buying Bitcoin. 

Interesting points on potential opportunities and trends:

  • Trend towards working from home, people working digitally. This is driving people away from big cities since all they need is a device connected to the Internet to work, without the high rent and high cost of living. 
  • Digital portals to interact with people to work remotely with everyone. 
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