What services help non-technical founders start a web startup?

Emil Villumsen

I suppose that depends on what you need done. If you need a website designed and developed then you'll need Web designers and development services. 

If your business is selling products and services then you might be okay developing a website made with a collection of pre developed parts cobbled to work together to minimise your cost. You can get a website anywhere from day $2000 to $10000 depending on what you're after. 

If you're thinking of developing a website that is new and has not been done before, like an ebay website before there were other auction websites,  or like an Amazon site before there were e-commerce websites,  or like a Facebook site before there were social media networking sites,   then that becomes the business. In this case you want to  develop those things from scratch, which of course raises your development costs by 10 to 100 fold because everything has to be developed from scratch. You'd have to be reliant on your tech team, and trust them. You can hire them as employees or contractors. If you don't have the money or if you want them to be as motivated as you,  then you can offer them to be part owners to give them an incentive to do it. However you'll have to convince them that your idea is worth their risking their time and resources for.

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