In a few decades when the reward gets too small, the transaction fee will become the main compensation for [mining] nodes. I’m sure that in 20 years there will either be very large transaction volume or no volume.

Satoshi Nakamoto
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How Bitcoin Got Muzzled as the World's Unbanked Continue to Struggle

Posted: 05 Jun 20 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 01 Jul 20 | Full View
Woman selling fruits on a boat to symbolise basic commerce before the digital age.
This article tells a story of how millions of people around the world who have limited or no access to bank accounts struggle in the modern world and how a proposed solution — Bitcoin — was muzzled.
Forecasting the financial and economic repurcussions of Covid-19

Industries that are doing relatively well during Covid-19 in the US (but still an indicator for potential trends in other countries):

  • Vacation rentals are rising — people want to rent places nearby, driveable, to avoid having to travel by air or train. 
  • Sporting goods
  • Luxury goods are recovered quickly
  • Many e-Commerce businesses are doing relatively well

Companies reacted three ways when Covid-19 kicked in:

  • Those who cut investments in eCommerce
  • Those who took a wait-and-see approach
  • Those who increased investments in eCommerce <-- naturally these have a fighting chance in surviving the pandemic