Closed Long Trades with BSV and EOS at a gain

Closed Long Trades with BSV and EOS at a gain

Bitcoin BSV trade chart 2020-08-07

Today, we closed the first big gain from Bitcoin SV (BSV) a couple of days after we closed our first big gain from EOS. However if Bitcoin BTC goes above $12000, that can bring about a fresh bout of buying which might mean we need to reverse and go Long again. 

Note that on the 2nd of August, there was a huge price shake across many cryptocurrencies, not just with Bitcoin BSV. That would have shaken out a lot of positions, but we stayed put, did not panic, and we were better off for it. 

One purpose of this post is to show that with this strategy, we are willing to close a few losing trades within a few days while trying to catch swings that last for an average of 10 days or so. In fact I am expecting about 60% of trades will be losers but the remaining 40% should be able to gain back what we lose and hopefully with sufficient surplus. 

What do you think, do you think Bitcoin BTC will go cross and stay above $12K the next couple of days? If so, why?  

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