Series and Collections

Series and Collections

Items shared here may seem random on their own. But each is a piece of a much bigger picture. Here, we sort our content according to themes and collections.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

This collection focusses on reports and updates following the progress of Covid-19 as it spreads around the world: its impact on us biologically, how we react to it, and our fight against it more from a scientific, medical perspective. (Credits go to people like Dr John Campbell, a retired doctor in the UK, who updates on Covid-19 with the most rational, scientific, straight-to-the-point, a-political, educational, informative commentaries out there.) 

The Financial and Economic Impact of Covid-19

In April, just after governments of major countries started printing money to support their citizens and their economies against the crippling impact of Covid-19, I wrote about my concerns for what economic impact this will have in the future in an article titled, "Will the printing of Covid-19 'Helicopter Money'​ lead to Hyperinflation later?". This collection follows the financial and economic impact of Covid-19. By being aware of what the future could hold can help us better prepare against eventualities and spot opportunities when they present themselves. 

Understanding the Ideological Aspects of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Beyond exploring the practical applications of Bitcoin, it is also important to understand the bigger picture, the bigger issues. Here, we collect the thoughts and ideas from people who have made the effort to think about these and communicate them through videos, articles or blog posts. 

Practical Use-Cases of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

How is Bitcoin in all its variants — Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash BCH — and the other Cryptocurrencies being used in the real world right now?

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV): What, Why and How?

Collections of videos and articles following the development and progress of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV or BSV): to understand what it is and to see what opportunities it could offer beyond what Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can.