The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic

This collection focusses on reports and updates following the progress of Covid-19 as it spreads around the world: its impact on us biologically, how we react to it, and our fight against it more from a scientific, medical perspective. (Credits go to people like Dr John Campbell, a retired doctor in the UK, who updates on Covid-19 with the most rational, scientific, straight-to-the-point, a-political, educational, informative commentaries out there.) 

Dr Co working in Manila

Dr. John Campbell | Posted: 25th Jun 2020 | Source: 23rd Jun 2020 | Science, News & Current Affairs

Dr John Campbell interviews Dr Co in the Philippines. Very interesting discussions between medical professionals. Discussions about the virus are really different when you take politics out of it. There's lots of enlightening stuff here. What stands out for me is that we may be better off adjusting our expectations and live as though there will not be a vaccine for Covid-19 in twelve months. Also, one explanation as to why the Philippines is getting by reasonably well considering their resources (as a developing nation) and their population density, could be the fact that they have a young population. Average age, according to Dr Co, is at the late 20s. 

Vitamin D Update

Dr John Campbell | Posted: 18th Jun 2020 | Source: 10th Jun 2020 | Science, News & Current Affairs

Dr John Campbell is one of the few experts I have seen who observes the link of Vitamin D and its role in protecting people against Covid-19. He reports on his hypothesis discussing supportive data or evidence. This is the latest. 

Sweden, the jury returns

Dr John Campbell | Posted: 18th Jun 2020 | Source: 16th Jun 2020 | Science, News & Current Affairs

Dr John Campbell talks about Sweden's strategy for Covid-19. 

Dexamethasone Saves Lives

Dr. John Campbell | Posted: 17th Jun 2020 | Source: 17th Jun 2020 | Science, News & Current Affairs

Low-cost dexamethasone reduces death by up to one third in hospitalised patients with severe respiratory complications of COVID-19.

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