Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC)

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The electronification of money and the fundamentals of Bitcoin

With the advent of computers, smartphones, and the Internet, fiat money became digitized. Marquez Comelab discusses how Bitcoin pushed the evolution of money and describes how it electronifies a monetary and cash system without the need for intermediaries and go-betweens (like banks) to facilitate transactions between people. In this article, Marquez explains the most fundamental elements of Bitcoin and how it operates to help most people gain the necessary background to understand and start exploring Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin SV (BSV) topple the incumbents of the Fintec and the payment industry like Netflix toppled Blockbuster?

if the proponents of Bitcoin SV are correct in their approach of scaling Bitcoin and the BSV network continues to offer low transaction and operational costs as well as faster, more efficient transactions with less administration and bureaucracy, then it can possibly over time, erode the dominance of the functions currently served by power brands in Fintech and the payment industry.
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