Latest Trading Signals

Latest Trading Signals

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Default is algorithmic. They are based on stricter rules. Discretionary are based on less-defined rules (less recommended).
Trading Signals History
2021-04-05T07:22:07+0200 | Algorithmic — Short ZRX/USD @ 1.76000. Full Details
2021-04-04T21:15:03+0200 | Algorithmic — Short ADA/USD @ 1.18530. Full Details
2021-04-01T22:26:51+0200 | Algorithmic — Long LINK/USD @ 30.16700. Full Details
2021-04-01T19:04:14+0200 | Algorithmic — Long XLM/USD @ 0.41200. Full Details
2021-04-01T19:03:06+0200 | Algorithmic — Long DOT/USD @ 37.91600. Full Details
2021-03-31T12:08:01+0200 | Algorithmic — Short XLM/USD @ 0.38927. Full Details
2021-03-31T07:21:59+0200 | Algorithmic — Long ZRX/USD @ 1.81450. Full Details
2021-03-31T07:17:34+0200 | Algorithmic — Long BSV/USD @ 212.52000. Full Details
2021-03-31T07:15:42+0200 | Algorithmic — Long ETH/USD @ 1826.30000. Full Details
2021-03-30T21:54:16+0200 | Algorithmic — Long XLM/USD @ 0.40267. Full Details
2021-03-29T21:08:55+0200 | Algorithmic — Long XTZ/USD @ 4.56740. Full Details
2021-03-29T12:58:52+0200 | Algorithmic — Long OMG/USD @ 6.28240. Full Details
2021-03-29T12:57:13+0200 | Algorithmic — Long EOS/USD @ 4.28200. Full Details
2021-03-28T17:29:52+0200 | Algorithmic — Short ETH/USD @ 1711.10000. Full Details
2021-03-28T11:02:43+0200 | Algorithmic — Long LINK/USD @ 27.62500. Full Details
2021-03-28T07:13:43+0200 | Algorithmic — Short ZRX/USD @ 1.44960. Full Details
2021-03-28T07:08:41+0200 | Algorithmic — Long BTC/USD @ 56240.00000. Full Details
2021-03-27T14:23:17+0100 | Algorithmic — Short LINK/USD @ 26.23200. Full Details
2021-03-27T14:18:09+0100 | Algorithmic — Long ETH/USD @ 1680.20000. Full Details
2021-03-27T02:03:56+0100 | Algorithmic — Long LINK/USD @ 27.08300. Full Details


If you believe that cryptocurrencies will one day be adopted and used world-wide, you might think it is a good idea to hold some now while they are still relatively 'cheap', right? But given the reality that many cryptocurrency projects have been abandoned and that cryptocurrency prices widely fluctuate, what do you do when the prices go down? Do you sit and hold on, leaving the value of your holdings to whatever fate other people or events give it? Or would you like to manage it directly yourself by trading it? You can try to sell it when it is about to go down and buy back when it is about to go up. It sounds easy, but you know that trying to time the market is risky. But is it worth the risk?

Paper trading gives us the advantage of seeing whether our premise and assumptions are correct without the risk of losing money. Based on the trade statistics we collect, we can then calculate how much our investment is worth trading it, rather than just holding it.

Here, we are paper-trading a strategy on a few cryptocurrency pairs. After some time — a year or a few months — we will see whether there is a way to maintain or even increase the value of one's holdings, or if the HOLDING strategy is better.

Why Paper Trade and why publicly?

Paper-trading is used to practice trading a particular market before committing any money to it. If we did this, many of us would have saved ourselves from making bad trades. Not many traders do it. The issue is, since there is no real gains or losses, it also carries little emotional or mental risk. This is its advantage, and it is also its disadvantage. Paper-trading can become tedious, especially if you want to do it for a few months, or for as long as a year. Your discipline in following it becomes sloppy. 

By posting it publicly, it would give me extra mental and emotional engagement needed to ensure I am disciplined in paper-trading my ideas. It is also a way to remove bias from my results. When you are paper-trading privately, it is easy to say, "I would have been able to do this or that". This will not give you the data you need because you are skewing it. But when you are posting what you are doing in real-time, you can have more factual data from which to evaluate the performance of your strategy before you trade it for real. 

How will it work?

When I get a signal to trade, I will post it here. There is a lag time of course because I may be asleep, travelling, working, in a meeting or being social. Overall, however, the impact evens out after a series of trades.

Which Cryptocurrencies do you trade?

Currently, I am following... 

  1. Cardano (ADA) 
  2. Cosmos (ATO/ATOM) 
  3. Bitcoin SV (BSV) 
  4. Bitcoin (BTC) 
  5. Polkadot (DOT) 
  6. EOS (EOS) 
  7. Ethereum (ETH) 
  9. Chainlink (LINK) 
  10. NEO (NEO) 
  11. OMG Network (OMG) 
  12. Tron (TRX)
  13. Stellar (XLM) 
  14. Tezos (XTZ) 
  15. 0x (ZRX) 

Statistics — Back-Tests, Performance and Analysis

On the link below, is where we post back-tests, calculations and various analysis to track how we are doing.   

>> Statistics — Back-Tests, Performance and Analyses

Trading Approach

My trading approach is based on the philosophy that price tells us all we need to know about the psychology of people by following their fears and their greed, which is reflected on the price they agree to transact. I monitor and measure different qualities of price to try and spot patterns that may stay intact for the indefinite future. I change and adjust the variables of my method if I see that the market is changing. The difficulty is remaining impartial and unbiased despite everything I read in the news — including the opinions of other people whom I respect — no matter how fearful or optimistic they may be. 


  • Trades are focussed on checking the market around the clock so I can post trade signals at any time.  
  • Trade sizing: Buy or sell only 100% of what the trading balance can afford. No leverage is to be used. For example, if the trading balance is $1000 and BSV is $200 each, the strategy is tested to trade 5: no more, no less. 
  • The trading method takes both long trades (when it anticipates a price rise) and short trades (when it anticipates a price decline). This means to trade these, they would have to be on an exchange that facilitates short trades. 

The impact of news, events and opinions — None

I follow events and developments in Cryptocurrencies, and I want to post about them. However, regardless of how optimistic or negative we perceive these opinions, events or news articles to be, they should not affect whether we should buy, sell or stay out of the market. In other words, I trade independent of events and the news

This means that when you see me posting a positive news article and yet I am selling, you should not construe that as a sign of a conflict of interest. My trading method tells me to sell regardless of what the news is. Likewise, if I am posting an article that you might interpret as negative and yet I am posting a buy trading signal, it is not because I am trying to scare everyone to sell so I could buy cheap. I, nor most of us, do not have that influence over the market. I was going to buy regardless of what the news was going to be.

Should you follow my trades?

Nothing of what I do or say is a recommendation nor advice for you or anyone else, to do, or not do anything. I am hopeful and optimistic that my trading strategy for cryptocurrencies works but all this is experimental, nothing is certain and nothing is guaranteed. Trading is one of the hardest and most complex things to do. It is hazardous to your wealth, and many traders and systems lose money. Further, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are the most volatile markets I have ever seen. Prices can triple and drop in halves and thirds so quickly that not many people can really stomach it.  Please refer to the RISK DISCLOSURE below about risks you need to consider. 

Trading Risk Disclosure

The information published in this site is provided with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering professional services. Nothing in this website is to be construed as financial advice or to be deemed a solicitation or an offer for you to open or close any contract or transaction. The material covered is for informational purposes only and it is general in nature. This website discusses an approach to trading that may not be personally specific, relevant, useful or appropriate for your needs.

Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. Trading and investing are speculative and include risk of loss. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them before participating in any market. Trading is not suitable for many members of the public. You must carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial resources and other relevant circumstances. If you require expert advice that is specific to your needs, objectives, financial resources and other relevant circumstances, you should seek the services of a professional person near you.

This website cannot disclose all the risks and other significant aspects of markets and trading in general. You should therefore carefully study all documents and trading materials before you trade. If you choose to trade on any information you find on this website, you are acknowledging that any profit or loss is entirely your responsibility.